Dental/Tooth Implants Cost

Tooth Implants costs can vary across the UK. The average cost for a single tooth implant is £1200 however at the Dental Implants Academy we offer dental implants from as little as £650. Below you can see a patient’s before and after picture. Visit our homepage to see more patient pictures and to find out more about our prices.

dental implant costs

You will tend to find that dentists located in or near London charge more, some dentists in London charge as much as £3,000 per tooth implant. With cosmetic dentistry you do not always get what you pay for…put simply, some less experienced dentists can charge a lot more than dentists such as Dr. Julian Perry who has over 29 years experience in fitting tooth implants. Dr. Perry is part of the Dental Implants Academy who offer dental implants from as little as £650 per tooth implant and offer same day tooth implants. Click here to view a full list of prices.

You also have to understand that teeth implants are actually part of a number of procedures so the total cost of teeth implants will also coincide with these other procedures. The average Tooth Implants Cost in the UK can is around £1,200 while other complications can make the procedure more expensive.

These complications happen when a patient needs to have a bone graft; a bone graft is needed when a patient does not have enough bone in their jaw to receive the implant. A bone graft procedure can cost up to £4,000. Dr. Perry offers this dental implants cost for as little as £695.

Gum grafting is also another procedure that may need to be done to enhance the amount of tissue that is available to receive an implant. A gum grafting procedure can cost £350-450.

Of course like all other dental procedures you will also be charged a consultation fee. A consultation fee can cost £40-50. You can save on paying a consultation fee by looking for dentists who offer free consultation fee.

These added fees from other procedures can increase the cost of your tooth or teeth implants,ll however if you have no problems with your gums and if you have enough bone and tissue for a tooth implant then your teeth implant cost can be as little as £650.

If you want to save money when you have your tooth implants make sure that you look for dentists who provide competitive prices but also it’s very important that they are experienced when it comes to fitting tooth implants.

A major benefit of Dr. Julian Perry and the Dental Implants Academy is that by using advanced dental technology in most cases they can offer patients same day tooth implants. Traditionally tooth implants can require up to 15 visits to your dental practice which means you have to book time off work and spend a lot of time travelling to and from your dentist. However, with same day dental implants this is no longer required. Click here to find out more about same day dental implants.


tooth implant cost - teeth implants costs


Above you can see just how dramatically tooth implants can transform a smile. Visit our homepage to see more patient before and after pictures and to book a consultation with Dr. Julian Perry.

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